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  • Healthy, Homemade recipes using flax.

    Delight your taste buds and impress your family by trying our easy-to-follow recipes that include the nutritious addition of flax.

    Recipes using flax 
  • Explore the wonders of cooking and baking using our gluten-free all purpose flour.

    Discover a wide variety of recipes featuring our line all-purpose flour. These recipes are specially crafted to be gluten-free and incredibly easy to prepare. Your entire family is sure to enjoy them.

    Recipes using all-purpose flour 
  • Best thing since sliced bread.

    Craft your own artisan-style bread and explore a world of gluten-free recipes made with our exceptional bread mix. Experience the joy of warm, airy bread as you savor every bite. Simply add water and enjoy the love that goes into each loaf.

    Bread Mix Recipe Book 
  • Pancakes and cookies are just the beginning.

    Our pancake and cookie mix is perfect for any meal. Utilize it as a delectable coating on poultry and seafood. Simple to prepare dishes and beyond.

    Pancake & Cookie mix recipes 
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